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Noble Laureate, Wole Soyinka condemns video asking Igbo indigenes to leave Yorubaland

October 25, 2020

Noble laureate, Wole Soyinka has condemned a video of UK-based secessionist, Adeyinka Grandson asking the Igbos to leave Yorubaland amid the #EndSARS crisis in the country.

Wole Soyinka in a statement he titled ‘Identity Thieves on the Rampage’ and released on Saturday, October 24, enjoined Igbo indigenes to ignore such threats that seek to create disharmony in the country.


The statement read;


“Undoubtedly in order to promote the video clip of an ethnic revanchist calling on Igbo to leave Yoruba land, this same lunatic fringe has exhumed, and embarked on circulating an ancient fabrication – several years mouldering in the grave – once attributed to me and vigorously denounced.

“That statement impudently expounds, as my utterance, what the Hausa want, what the Yoruba want, and what the Igbo want.

“Such an attribution – let me once again reiterate – is the work of sick, cowardly minds that are ashamed, or lack the courage, as the saying goes, “to answer their fathers’ names.” At least the current ethnic rabble-rouser has the courage of his convictions, not so the sick brigade of identity thieves.

“Normally, one should totally ignore the social dregs. However, in the present atmosphere where FAKE NEWS is so easily swallowed and acted upon without reflection, I feel once again obliged to denounce this recurrent obscenity.

“As for our brother and sister Igbo, I hope they have learnt to ignore the toxic bilge under which some Nigerian imbeciles seek to drown the nation.

“It is time also, I believe, to also enter the following admonition: one cannot continue to monitor and respond to the concoctions of these addicts of falsehood, and their assiduous promoters who have yet to learn to wipe the filth off their tablets.

“The patrons of social platforms should develop the art of discrimination. Some attributions are simply so gross that, to grant them even a moment’s latitude of probability diminishes the civic intelligence of the recipient.”

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I know we have wronged you, please forgive us Senator Florence Ita-Giwa beg protesters in her residents in Cross Rivers state (video)

October 25, 2020

Senator Florence Ita-Giwa has appealed to Nigerians youth, particularly the youth of Cross Rivers state, to stop the destruction of properties and looting of items across the country.

On Saturday, October 24, angry youths in Cross Rivers state destroyed the homes of former senate leader Ndoma Egba.

In a video shared online, Senator Florence Ita-Giwa who represented Cross River South Senatorial District in the Senate, went on her knees to appeal to residents of the state to stop the destruction and looting of properties.

She spoke in her native language. Twitter user, @__gershom, who shared the video, translated what she said as

“I know we have wronged you. The generation of today has suffered. The big people have wronged you. Nigerian politics has failed you. But please forgive us. Forgive the big people. Forgive the politicians”

the video below;

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You are not qualified to comment on Lekki shooting- Odi community leaders

October 25, 2020

Leaders of Odi community in Bayelsa State have slammed former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his recent comments on the shooting of #EndSARS protesters at Lekki toll gate in Lagos on October 20.

Obasanjo wrote a letter to President Buhari in which he condemned the deployment of military men to the protest.

In a statement that was released on Saturday, October 24, the community leaders recalled the Odi massacre carried out on November 20, 1999, by the Nigerian military on the predominantly Ijaw town of Odi in Bayelsa State over the indigenous rights to oil resources and environmental protection. They said the killing took place under the watch of Obasanjo who was President at the time. According to them, the former president’s comment was like adding salt to their injury.


Part of the statement below


“The trauma that Odi went through under President Obasanjo is still fresh in living memory. The Nigerian Army moved in tanks, the Nigerian Navy moved in warships and the Nigerian Air Force was overhead. All the forces of the Nigerian federation were unleashed on the sleepy and unarmed rural community of Odi because some young people dared to ask for their rights. It was a time no one in Odi wishes to recall. Definitely, there are some lectures that ‘Professor’ Obasanjo may not be qualified to deliver, especially a lecture on how to disperse a peaceful protest without violence.’’


They added that the former president owes the people of Odi an unreserved apology.

The leaders who jointly signed the statement include deputy King of Odi, Chief Prenus Ogboin, the Youth President, Ikposuoyeski Inemike and CDC Chairman, Odi, Goddey Niweigha, the community’s women leader; Ebimoweni Kemepade.

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Offset detained in the middle of his Instagram live after run-in with Trump supporters (video)

October 25, 2020

Migos’ Offset was detained on Saturday, October 24, in Beverly Hills following an incident that involved Trump supporters who were marching in the area.


Although the video shows rapper Offset, née Kiari Kendrell Cephus being pulled out from his vehicle by policemen, authorities say he was not arrested, reversing course after earlier confirming the arrest.


In a clip shared online, an officer can be heard asking him to step out of the vehicle. “I’m not doing that, I’m not doing that. Because you’ve got guns out,” Offset says, with the officer replying, “That’s my choice.”

video below;

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“The Govt must realise that what the youths clamour for under #EndSARS is a comprehensive reform of the entire Police Force” – Catholic Bishops back #EndSARS protests

October 18, 2020
  • Catholic Bishops in Nigeria have endorsed the ongoing #EndSARS protests demanding an end to Police brutality and total reform of the security system in Nigeria.


The Bishops said the ongoing EndSARS protests by Nigerian youths are morally justified and the government must realise that what they are clamoring for under the #EndSARS campaign is a comprehensive reform of the entire Police Force.


In a statement on Saturday October 17, Most Rev. Augustine Obiora Akubeze, President of Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBCN), the bishops noted that the audacity with which the SARS officials have been operating in the country is a manifestation of the failing state of Nigeria.

The clergymen said that disbanding SARS and setting up a new outfit called Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), shows the government’s lack of understanding and sincerity to address the issue.


The bishops further urged the Federal Government of Nigeria to listen to the cry for justice in order for peace to reign in the country.

Part of the statement read:


 “Thus the cries of our children protesting against the brutality of SARS that manifests in extrajudicial killings, unlawful arrests, profiling of youths as criminals, the invasion of youths privacy by searching phones and laptops without any warrant or any just cause, and the incarceration of many of the youths in the SARS custody without trial.

“We the members of the CBCN have followed the protests with keen interest and call on the Federal Government of Nigeria once again to listen to the cry for justice so that peace can reign in our country. The protests seem to have a life of its own, and it is spreading all over the country; this shows that most Nigerians are facing the same oppression and brutality inflicted by the SARS.


“We urge the Federal Government to fulfil its primary constitutional responsibility of securing life and property of every Nigerian and provide opportunities for our children to realise their God-given potentials

“The audacity and impunity with which the SARS officials have been operating all the while is a manifestation of the failing state of Nigeria. Various bodies and patriotic Nigerians have expressed the opinion that just ending the SARS would not solve the enormous problems of Nigeria, because it is futile treating symptoms of a disease when the root cause is known.


“We reiterate that restructuring this country is a desirable path to be towed given the various developments in this nation. The knee jerk reaction of the administration by abolishing the SARS and setting up the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team portrays either the absence of an understanding of the entire problem or a lack of sincerity to address the issue.

“The Nigerian Government must realise that what the youths, on behalf of Nigerians, clamour for under the code name #EndSARS is a comprehensive reform of the entire Police Force and not a change of name; they call for a reform of all our government institutions and a reform of the entire nation. They are asking for a system that will be hard on crimes and criminals in the society within the ambience of the law, while at the same time treating every human being, citizens and visitors alike, with respect and dignity.”

“EndSARS goes beyond the SARS, and it is morally justified. We support the youths who have taken this step, and we caution that they are allowed without any intimidation to exercise their right to peaceful demonstration and should not be provoked or incited to violence.”

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Angry mob beheads, sets five suspected robbers ablaze after beheading them in Cross River state (graphic photos)

October 18, 2020

Angry mob beheaded and set five suspected armed robbers ablaze on Saturday in Akwa Ikot Effanga community, Akwabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State.


It was gathered that a 7-man gang allegedly broke into a shop at about 3am on Saturday, October 17, and made away with electronic gatgets worth thousands of naira and undisclosed amount of money.

The youths of the community laid ambush for the suspects. In the process, five of them were apprehended them while two managed to escape leaving the rest to face jungle justice.


A very disturbing and gory video from the scene shows the remains of the suspected robbers and a motorcycle in flames. The head of one of the suspects was missing from his neck.

Meanwhile, one of the youths condemned the act, describing it as inhumane and barbaric while calling on the Nigerian police to immedately arrest the perpetrators.


  1. Angry mob beheads, sets five suspected robbers ablaze after beheading them  in Cross River state (graphic photos)Angry mob beheads, sets five suspected robbers ablaze after beheading them  in Cross River state (graphic photos)Angry mob beheads, sets five suspected robbers ablaze after beheading them  in Cross River state (graphic photos)Angry mob beheads, sets five suspected robbers ablaze after beheading them  in Cross River state (graphic photos)


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20-year-old student marries two teenage girls within a month

October 16, 2020

A 20-year-old student married two teenage girls within less than a month in West Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia.


According to reports from local media outlets, the young man, who is identified by his initial R, married his first wife, identified as F, on September 17, and married another girl, identified as M, on Monday, October 12.


20-year-old student marries two teenage girls within a month

They were reportedly married in a traditional ceremony, locally known as nikah siri. Both brides are reportedly 16 years old.

Photos from R and M’s marriage went viral after they were shared on Facebook and became a hot topic among netizens.


Speaking to a media outlet, Kumparan, tather of the groom, Ayuni said he was shocked to learn that his son decided to get married, especially because he’s still enrolled as a student at a vocational high school.

“Yes, I was shocked. Because he’s still in school. The National Exams (UN) are coming up,” Ayuni said.

20-year-old student marries two teenage girls within a month


R and M have been dating for the past three years,

while R has only been in a relationship with F for a much shorter time. After R got married to F, M and her family paid a visit to R’s home to meet his parents last weekend, during which time they asked R to marry M.

Though R, F, and M have yet to speak to the media about their polygamous union, R’s parents appear to be more ready to speak to the press. Ayuni, for one, complained that he had to spend IDR50 million on their weddings, but expressed hope that his son will continue with his education.

“I want my son to continue his education. I am able to support him through college. I can cover for R’s living expenses. I am also capable of supporting his two wives,” Ayuni said.

R’s mother Nurminah also expressed the same wishes, hoping that his marriage to two women won’t become a hindrance to finishing his education.


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Abuja #EndSARS protesters defy order, continue to stage protest (photos)

October 16, 2020

#EndSARS protesters in Abuja have continued their protests despite the ban on their activities by the Federal Capital Territory Administration FCTA.


The FCTA authorities had a meeting on Thursday, October 15 where they banned all the protests. They accused the EndSARS protesters of flouting all COVID-19 protocols during their protests.


Today, the protesters defied the order and have continued their match across streets in the nation’s capital.


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