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Why are men of God silent on SARS issues – Erigga

October 6, 2020

Nigerian rapper, Erigga his asking Nigerian Pastors why are they silent over the frequent harassment and killing of youths by SARS officers.

The rapper questioned the stand of top respected clerics in the country while asking to know if the only affair of the nation that concerns them is one that has to do with tithe collection.

Erigga wrote, “Why are all our big big men of God silent on this SARS issues?Till sars begin collect tight and offering before dem go lead the protest ?”

“Tell your pastor make e lead the protest I dey him back !!! Na them government dey quick listen to Not Me or Fela.

“Oga men of God , the youth when you say make dem give their life to Christ devil don dey use other means collect am oh abeg do something

“When the Israelites dey suffer brutality for Egypt, who go tell Pharaoh face to face say “ let my people go ? NA MUSICIAN?

Celebrity Lifestyle Latest News

Bovi and Basket mouth was rate by US-based comedian Julien Tshikuna

October 5, 2020

Bovi and Basket mouth was rate by US-based comedian Julien Tshikuna as the kings of comedy in Africa.

Tshaikuna, son of a famous Congolese boxing champion, Jean Tshikuna, said he will be glad to share the same stage with them.

The Belgium-born comedian, who started a career in football later turned away from the family sporting tradition and embarked on stand-up comedy.

Tshaikuna, whose debut comedy record is among the top chart videos on the largest streaming platform, Amazon Prime.

Tshaikuna, who is represented by Chris Saavedra from Saint Agency in Los Angeles, said, “Africa is blessed with multiple talents.

“I am looking forward to working with some of Nigeria’s finest stand up comedians like Bovi and Basket mouth. They are like the kings of comedy in Africa and it will be a delight to share the same stage with them,” he said.


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