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SARS to join Naira Marley protest on Tuesday

October 5, 2020

Nigerian Rapper, Naira Marley has announced that he would be leading a protest on Tuesday against SARS operatives.

This is following the outcry and #EndSARS campaign on social media against harassment of youths by SARS operatives.

Naira Marley, who had earlier declined to protest over the fear of going to prison, he tweeted that some SARS officials would join the protest.

Giving reasons, Marley said the police officers and SARS personnel would come out to show support against their own and answer questions from Nigerians.

Marley tweeted: “On Tuesday we got some SARS personnel coming out with us. The ones that claim to only come out for big operations and not the dirty works on the road.

“They are coming out to show support and to answer some questions, we also got some police officers and soldiers joining the protest.”

Naira Marley appealed to fans not to fight with any SARS personnel.

“Don’t forget guys just in case you see any SARS or any forces there on Tuesday don’t start any fight. We are allowed to ask questions? But remember no fight, no vandalism. Peaceful protest. Thanks,” he tweeted.

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