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Artist Profiling

Meet Dr Kelly

June 14, 2020

Olakunle Agu is one artiste that has caved a niche for himself in the music scene. Better known as Dr Kelly, he came into limelight after making a remarkable proposal at a voting center during the presidential election in 2015, where he and his wife were tagged ‘The Election Couple’. In this post the Afro hip-hop and RnB singer spoke about his music, life and other things.

What inspired the name Dr Kelly?

It’s a nickname I got from my friends, basically because I could listen to R.Kelly’s music 24/7, he was majorly my role model and people also call me Doctor of music and that was how I came about with the name.

How did your journey into music started?

I started back in 2007, then I was doing gospel music and by 2015 I decided to go by the contemporary art so I dropped a song title ‘Ifedolapo’ and I just released ‘Alakoba’.I decided to go professional because it has always been a gift and something I love doing, as you can see I’m at work but still with an instrument, so it has been a passion and I also love playing the keyboard too.

Who have you worked with in the music industry and look forward to working with?

I’ve worked with some good producers like Kayzbeatz and Sossick who has produced music for A-list artistes. I have so many of them, and I would also love to work with some of the A-list artistes in the country such as Wandecoal, Davido, D’banj, Wizkid, including DJ Spinall and DJ Neptune .

Being a father, banker and an artiste, how do you combine the three?

It’s a matter of creating time and using your time wisely, when you have multiple things to run, then you’ll understand that time management is very important.Now, fatherhood for me is really fantastic, as much as I usually get caught up into one thing or the other, I make sure it doesn’t affect me spending quality time with my family. I’m also into photography. So like I said, being able to balance everything depends highly on your ability to plan ahead and use every minute of your time wisely.

What do you think about the music industry?

It’s not a place for babies you have to be really prepared to be there because it’s beyond talents and it involves so many other things. But I’m hoping my talent speaks for itself.

How do you intend to become relevant in the music scene?

Firstly, God.. with him by my side everything is possible, then secondly doing enough publicity and of course the quality of my work.

Any Album yet?

No I don’t, but I actually have couple of songs nine tracks available so I’ll be releasing them one after the other, hit after hit.

Do you think there are fair playing ground for up-and-coming musicians in Nigeria?

Not precisely. The fact is that we’ve got so much talents in the country which I feel may be the reason for slim opportunity. Time and chance makes the difference.

So are you saying the A-list artistes don’t reckon with up and coming ones?

I won’t be too judgmental in that regards. But all I know is everyone, both the up-and-coming and the A-lists all depends on talents and other benefits they could derive alternatively. If an upcoming artist is got talent and being pushed out well, the A-list would readily collaborate with such.

Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

In the next two to three years, I would be more into entertainment, photography, music, fashion which, to me are also part of entertainment. Music and entertainment are basically my passion.

What should your fans be expecting from you?

I want to be known for good music, I want to put smile on people’s faces, I want it do a comedy-music, a situation whereby people can listen to and laugh. I want them to know that Dr Kelly has come to stay, he’s a great guy, handsome and also working hard to give them the best of me.Right now we are promoting my new song titled ‘Alakoba’ and I would love my fans and people to check out the video on YouTube or Vevo and even Hiptv, and also listen and download the audio. As it’s name which means ‘Implicator’, talks about how a lady is trying to implicate a man. So basically it still centers around the comedy kind of music. People can also help in promoting my song, send to friends and family, and basically help the industry.They can also reach me on different social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the handle @officialDrkelly.

How then do you relax?

Whenever I want to take time off i’d rather travel. I really love traveling and so it keeps my body and soul in check, being far away and listening to good music, I think that has a way of keeping me relaxed, especially visiting new places.

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Meet Olakira

June 14, 2020

Coming on the back of an explosive debut summer last year which firmly set him up as one to watch, fast-rising Afrobeats artist and producer OLAKIRA is excited to unveil his brand new debut EP titled Wakanda Jollof. Released via U&I Music, the exciting 7-track project is written and performed solely by Olakira, with Zimbabwean beatsmith Mr Kamera (PatorakingDavidoMr Eazi), as well as longtime collaborators DXOHM and Steryo, producing the record alongside Olakira.

Widely seen as one of 2019’s most exciting African music prospects, Olakira burst onto the scene last summer with his double A-side debut singles ‘Hey Lover’ and ‘Flirty Signal’, which have garnered over 3 million plays on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. Before his artist debut last year, he was writing and producing some of the Afrobeats scene’s biggest hits, including co-writing and co-producing breakthrough hits like ‘Akube’ and ‘My Woman’.

The talented artist, producer, and musician has been making waves across Africa over the past 12 months, and is already hotly tipped by Africa’s biggest tastemakers, such as The Native MagazineMTV Base AfricaCool FMThe Beat LagosNot Just OKBella NaijaPulse NGSoundcityTRACE Africa, and Chop Daily, and with his exciting new EP Wakanda Jollof, Olakira is sure to quickly gain further traction and attention internationally.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his Wakanda Jollof EP, Olakira says, “With ‘Wakanda Jollof’, I put together the best music styles and genres from the continent, spiced up for a global audience. Wakanda is a unifying word, recognized worldwide as a good symbol for Africa, while Jollof is Africa’s favourite spicy rice dish, so I’m basically serving up a spicy dish from the continent to the rest of the world”.


New Music: Olakira

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